Somalia Defense Minister Visit Arab Organization for Industrialization

The Arab Organization for Industrialization receives the Minister of Defense of the sisterly Republic of Somalia It welcomes cooperation and exchange of experiences and training with all African brothers Lieutenant, “Abdel Moneim El-Terras”, received the head of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Mr. “Hassan Ali Mohamed”, the Minister of Defense of the sisterly Republic of Somalia, who is making an official visit to the country at the head of a delegation of his senior aides, in the presence of Ambassador “Tawfiq Ahmed Abdullah”, the Somali ambassador in Cairo and Major General Hamdi Badin. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company for Fish and Aquatic Life.

This visit comes in light of the state’s strategy to open up to Africa and President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s directives to open new horizons of cooperation and integration to achieve the hopes and aspirations of our African people, and an investment of the positive results reached by the meetings of the Specialized Committee for Defense, Security and African Safety that Egypt recently hosted with the participation of defense ministers and presidents Staff of sisterly African countries.

During the meeting, aspects of cooperation between the two sides in the field of various defense and security industries and methods of strengthening them were reviewed and benefiting from the advanced capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization to meet the needs of development projects in the sisterly Republic of Somalia.

During his visit to the exhibition of products of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Mr. “Hassan Ali Mohamed” stressed his country’s keenness to enhance partnership and cooperation relations with Egypt as a leading country in the African continent and its presidency of the African Union, praising the development renaissance taking place in Egypt and its unprecedented steps for digital transformation, and praised President Sisi’s initiative to support The Egyptian-African partnership in all development fields.

The Somali Minister of Defense praised the positive role of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and its shining fingerprints in many important development and strategic projects in the African continent, noting that he touched the extent of the development of armament technology with the defense equipment produced by the Authority while inspecting its pavilion at the exhibition held on the sidelines of the work of the Special Committee for African Defense, Safety and Security.

He added that his country looks forward to the participation of Arab Industrialization in development projects in Somalia, especially in the fields of defense industries, renewable energy, armored vehicles, communications, electronics, digital transformation, drinking water and sewage purification plants, LED bulbs, water and energy rationalization and other areas of development, indicating that he studied with officials of the Arab Industrialization Authority The possibility of opening a market for Egyptian products in the State of Somalia, especially the products of the distinguished body in various development fields as an important step in the path of constructive cooperation between the countries of the continent.
For his part, Lieutenant “The Terrace” indicated that this visit with this momentum reflects the depth of ties between Egypt and all African countries, based on the constants of the Egyptian foreign policy, which is keen on the importance of building bridges of rapprochement and cooperation between the countries of the continent and restoring warmth in many areas, stressing that The Arab Organization for Industrialization puts all its capabilities and technical and technological expertise to serve our African continent.

He added that participation in development projects and meeting the needs of our brothers in the state of Somalia were discussed, especially in light of the formation of an Egyptian alliance from the authority and some national and international companies to work to transfer the Egyptian development experience to all parts of our continent, stressing the importance of training in many areas and qualification of technical cadres in the Republic Somalia factories of the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

After the end of the joint talks, the Somali Defense Minister toured the headquarters of the Arab Renewable Energy Company of the Authority, where he briefed the Somali Minister on the latest production lines for solar panels and got acquainted with the plans of the Arab Organization for Industrialization in renewable energy projects locally and within the African continent.

At the end of his visit to the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the Somali Minister praised the efforts of the organization to deepen local industrialization, indicating that he hopes that this visit will result in constructive and integrated technology cooperation between Somalia and Egyptian Arab minds

Press Release

Uzzal Hossan Khan

Special Correspondent, MENA Region.
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