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On an impossible mission: Iraqi Political Crisis Facts

It was only 48 hours after Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi- Former Minister of Communications- was named To head the new government in Iraq, Which is described as a transitional government preparing for early elections, However, the demonstrations rejecting the designation of Allawi are continuing, especially among university students, in a number of cities in Iraq.

Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi’s mandate came hours before the end of the Republic’s presidential deadline, Barham Salih, that he presented to the political blocs, The head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, had tweeted that Allawi was the people’s choice, In the same tweet, he mentioned that they had chosen Allawi and wished the people would accept him, It is known that Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi is linked to a relationship of affinity and lineage with the family of Muqtada Al-Sadr, He is a relative of the first Prime Minister of Iraq, Iyad Hashem Allawi, who was named by the American occupation authority as the first Prime Minister of Iraq 2004.

In a letter, Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi said to the Iraqi people that he came to implement the demands of the demonstrators, He will be close to them, and he will work to fulfill all the demands that they called for during the four months during which they demonstrated, In addition to his willingness to give up his British citizenship, at the request of the demonstrators.

Besides pledging to form a government that is far from quotas and partisanship and that is representative of all groups, And work to hold early Iraqi parliamentary elections in consultation with the Electoral Commission, And the formation of an advisory team in his office with the participation of representatives of the demonstrators and the punishment of those responsible for killing the protesters.

He also pledged to work to confine arms to the state and refrain from using live weapons, Besides providing the largest number of job opportunities for citizens, protecting Iraq from any external interference, and not responding to pressure from political parties.

He concluded the pledges, saying: We will work to protect you, instead of suppressing you, and we will give up the mandate if he is unable to meet popular demands.

Confronting the demonstrators by force, continued in Baghdad and a number of governorates after the so-called blue hats owners close to the Sadrist movement, They directed their strength towards the defenseless demonstrators in Tahrir Square and the Turkish restaurant in Baghdad, without any interference from the security forces, or even the issuance of a condemnation by Allawi himself.

The political forces were divided between Allawi’s support and rejection, and the largest silence was from the rule of law bloc led by Nuri al-Maliki, and the victory bloc led by Haider al-Abadi, who did not comment on the mandate.

While MP Ali al-Aboudi, the National Wisdom Movement, explained the difficulty of achieving the pledges made by Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, noting that the nomination of independents is not a criterion for success.

Al-Aboudi said, “The pledges made by Allawi speak about the administration of the state for a period of 8 years and not for a year to prepare for the early elections.”, He explained, “The pledge to confine arms to the state and impose the law and restore this prestige of the state from pink dreams.” Noting that “everything depends on the political forces, if they want to work, miracles can be achieved”.

He pointed out that “the one who confronts the responsibility needs lessons and education, in order to be able to address the important sites, and not someone who does not understand the state administration.”

And on the formation of a government away from quotas,  Al-Aboudi said: “It is not harmful for a party figure to be nominated for positions, but to be brave, so what is the benefit of taking an independent position while he is subject to a political party and the ministry is completely repudiated?” .

While political analyst Rashid Al-Saray explained that the document that was leaked and denied was correct and the initial agreement was from Al-Fateh with the absence of other Shiite blocs except Maliki, who was informed of the agreement and did not object.

He pointed out that the agreement provides for passing the mandate in the House of Representatives in the same way as passing the decision to remove foreign forces, and some ministries will be from the share of the “Al-Fateh bloc” and the “Al-Saeroun bloc” only without any other Shiite bloc.

Besides, there are probably Sunnis and Kurds, However, Allawi has the right to choose Sunni and Kurdish ministers without counting them as a share.

In addition to maintaining some of the current ministers, besides assigning some figures from the pretending arenas positions without the ministry, or general managers.

Noting that the agreement touched on merging (the PMF) will be merged with the Ministry of Defense, and there is no intention to hold early elections, In the event that Allawi violates the agreement, his dismissal will take place within a year, and assigning another person until the election date comes.

The director of the Iraqi Development Center, Dr. Haider Al-Nasiri, explains that Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi cannot Twitter outside the agreed governmental and political squadron, Noting that there are conditions, principles and values agreed upon by everyone before and after the formation of the government, and this matter happened with the previous governments, He must remember that Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis and minorities have rights and duties, and everyone in one compound. If one faction comes out, the entire political balance is disturbed, and if everyone agrees according to the proposition, the boat will go to safety.

His conclusion is that Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi’s mission is an impossible task, which is closer to failure than to success, in light of the people’s desire for real reforms, and the political blocs are directed to preserve their political gains and profits.

Oday Falah

Iraq Correspondent
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