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Iraqis look to the future

More than 50 days have passed, When Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi submitted the resignation of the government, As a result of the people’s pressure,  That are still in Tahrir Square, in Baghdad ,And a number of squares in the Iraqi provinces in the center and south.

As a result, more than 500 people were killed, More than 20,000 people were wounded, and many civilian activists were kidnapped.

A large number of candidates were nominated as an alternative to Abdul Mahdi, All of them were rejected by the Iraqi youth, For reasons that are known to all, It is presented by previous political names, and it didn’t succeed, Especially with the entry of the Supreme Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani in Najaf, On the line supporting the demands of the demonstrators, And who determined to be prime minister for the next transitional period, Non-dialectically, And it goes on to the premise that everyone agrees that the next Iraqi government, That could be for only one year, Her work will mainly focus on preparing for early elections, After completing the election law that was recently approved by the parliament, It supports the work of the new election commission in cooperation with the United Nations and international organizations,  As well as the most difficult task of controlling a loose weapon, Out of the state system and reform of the economic situation, And fighting corruption in state institutions.

Professor of political science at Al-Mustansiriya University, Issam Mohammad, said: The demonstrators set conditions, and left the selection of the new prime minister’s personality to political parties.

He adds: All political forces are now obligated to make concessions, And choosing an independent and acceptable person who wants to get the country out of this ongoing crisis.

He ask political parties to respect the conditions set by the demonstrators for choosing the prime minister, Because they are demands that represent youth and community segments, And different clans, And it has the support of the religious authority in Najaf.

It was a press release for the demonstration squares in Baghdad and the provinces, Distributed to the media on December 11, Select the criteria for selecting an interim prime minister, As they demanded that the next prime minister enjoys specifications consistent with the aspirations of the Iraqi society.

They stated that the new prime minister should be independent, not affiliated with any political party, and not have dual citizenship, Also, he was not a minister, a parliamentarian, or even a governor.

They affirmed that the candidate be not bound by restrictions that make him subject to foreign interference, The young demonstrator in Baghdad and the provinces, have raised large pictures of candidates from among the officials and put them a red line.

Civil activist Mohamed Emad said that independence is a fundamental requirement of the demonstrators, The new prime minister should not come from the parties that currently run the country.

He added that the Iraqi street believes that the parties took care of their interests and did not submit reforms, He pointed out that the Iraqis took to the streets to demonstrate against all interference in their country’s affairs.

Some political parties, especially religious ones, some of whom were close to Iran, had specifications or other conditions for a candidate for prime minister, Including them to be ready to remove foreign forces from Iraq, Especially the American forces, As well as the continuation of the economic agreement with China.

After the disagreement over the larger parliamentary bloc, between the Saeron bloc led by the young cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, It alone has 54 representatives in Parliament, and the Construction Alliance, led by the leader of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri.

The “Sayron” bloc had initiated the address of the President of the Republic, It waives its right to nominate a person for the post of Prime Minister, And it will support any candidate approved by the Iraqi street.

In the absence of access to a candidate, everyone agrees, President of the Republic Barham Salih sent a message to the political blocs, asking them to select a candidate for the position within four days, Otherwise, he will be free to present an acceptable candidate from the protesting youth.

Political analysts confirm that the presidency of the republic may be on its way to nominate the director of the intelligence service, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Close to America, which has Iranian acceptance, But it may be unacceptable to the people in the fields of protest.

Dr. Samir Al-Mousawi – Professor of Economics at the Iraqi University, He believes that the nomination of the Prime Minister faces many problems, not the first of which is the conditions of the demonstrators, Or the difficulties of the stage, and some countries intervene in Iraqi affairs.

And it confirms that: the conditions set by some parties not to waive their political gains in ministries and some government institutions, It is the main reason not to reach a popular and political agreement in a prime minister that may not be surprising to everyone, He pointed out that the Iraqis will not accept to give up their demands after the great sacrifices that were made during the past four months, Because they want a homeland and want a better future for their country and their children.

Oday Falah

Iraq Correspondent
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